Curbside Creation

After finishing the birdie dresser I was a bit addicted to the "before&after". So off I went to Goodwill to find something else to work on. On the way there I found this little dresser at the end of someones driveway. It's a bit on the ugly side and made of MDF and veneer. And take special notice of the lovely shiny brass handles!

After a nice paint job (and this time I used my husband's paint sprayer!) and some new drop pull handles, this dresser is beautiful.

A Little Birdie

I was lucky enough to come across this dresser while on a walk. The neighbours were just going to throw it away! I waited until my husband got home so we could go and snatch it up. After I got it home, I sanded this dresser to scuff up the finish. Then I primed it using a little foam roller and a brush to get in the corners. I painted (also with the foam roller) with a white latex paint with an eggshell finish.

I drew the bird and branch design onto contact paper and then cut it out. I placed it to the drawers and spray painted using Krylon's Watermelon.

I covered everything with two coats of spray Varathane.

Here is the result: