Pair of Aqua Nightstands

This is a pair of nightstands I picked up from Kijiji for a great price.  They are old and solid but were a little beat up in places and needing a little work.  One corner was chipped off so I had to sand down all the other corners to match.  The back of one of them needed to be replaced since someone had once cut a wonky hole in it.   Another set back was the stain; it kept bleeding through my primer.  I bought a spray can of Zinsser BIN which covered everything no problem.

I'm still trying to finish up some old cans of paint I have around here.  I know you'll be completely shocked to see something painted aqua around here.  This isn't even that last of the aqua paint.  I have so much paint to go through before I even think about getting some new colours.  This particular colour is mostly Para's Rescue Me but lightened up with a bit of Benjamin Moore's Blue Bonnet.

I used my sprayer with these which was really helpful getting in between those little columns in the front.  I used some more pages from my Mosaic Memories scrapbook paper and mod podged the front of the drawers.  I also mod podged the inside of the drawers with some wallpaper I found at Goodwill a loooong time ago.  I protected the paint and paper with some polycrylic using my Purdy brush which does a great job of not leaving brush strokes.

These knobs were picked up at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  Originally they were brass but I gave them a coat of primer and a coat of white.  I used some blue and gold craft paint to show off the details.

Bye Bye dull brown; bright and cheery now!

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