Retro Nightstand

Since the warmer weather is taking it's own sweet time getting here, I've decided that little pieces of furniture are perfect for me while I'm still stuck inside painting. Where are you, Spring?!?!

I bought this little retro nightstand for $3.99 at Goodwill. I love when pieces are cheap because they're so ugly.

It needed a little work before I could start painting. It was missing a knob and I thought the surviving one was a little too small. I found another knob off a previous retro nightstand I did so I filled in the holes and drilled new ones. I sprayed the gold knob and the legs with a brown hammered spray paint. I also didn't like the recessed grid pattern on the drawer so I filled it in with wood filler and sanded smooth.

After that work I was ready to prime and paint. I'm trying to work through all the paint I have before buying any new mistints. I mixed together two whites I had and then added some red to make the pink for a stencil and the cubby hole.

After painting the nightstand white I made a stencil using contact paper. If you want to try this just remember you have to reverse your image before drawing it onto the back of the paper. If you press down on the contact paper really well (and not use a lot of paint) it will make a nice clean line. If there's any separate pieces of the stencil you can use a pin to peel up carefully.

I used Modpodge to line the drawer with a cute piece of scrapbook paper I had in my craft stash.

I loved how this little lady turned out. So cute, I love her sassy little legs!

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Back in the Game

Some of you may recall that I used to paint furniture. In fact that's all I used to do until the cold weather hit. I haven't painted anything in a long time so I picked up something little to ease back into it.

I bought this solid wood nightstand at Goodwill. And let me tell you the pickings are slim in there. I only bought one thing at a time last year (so I didn't fill up the garage) but now I can see that I need to stock up the winter. I can't wait until people start their spring cleaning!

No real prep needed with this one, just a quick sand and a coat of primer. I did have a hard time picking the paint colour I wanted. I ended up using the aqua I used on the french provincial dresser since I had lots left over and I paid full price for that can, ouch!

I had picked up the knob at Michaels a loooong time ago and matched it to some scrapbook paper to line the drawer with. It's my dream that someday Michaels will have the knob selection that Hobby Lobby has. Or better yet, Hobby Lobby comes to Canada! Come on Hobby Lobby, we got Ketchup Chips and Poutine here! You know you love it!

So I'm left with an adorable little nightstand, nothing so special or original but I think it's cute!

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