Flower Bed(ding)

Some of you may remember from last month I posted about a dresser I was going to do for a friend. She wanted it to match the bedding for her little girl's bedroom. Everyone gave lots of great advice on how I should go about painting the dresser inspired by this bedding:

I gave her two different sketches for her to pick from. She picked option B.

Here's what the dresser looked like when I brought it home. Definitely not pretty enough for a little girls room. I took off the hardware, filled in the holes, sanded, primed and painted.

I drew the flowers out on paper and then arranged them on the dresser to make sure I had the scale right.

When I thought it looked good I traced them onto the dresser. After that I just got to work mixing colours with my acrylic paints and painting in the flowers. I tried my best to match the colours exactly to bedding.

I love the way it turned out! I'm bringing it back to her this weekend, I can't wait for her to see it. I hope she loves it!

These ladies really know how to party!

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