Sweet and Stencilled

I went to pick up a pair of nightstands that I bought on Kijiji (for anyone not familiar it's pronounced key-jee-jee; Swahili for village, and it's like Craigslist)and the woman also had a little dresser for sale for $10. I asked her if she would take $5 for it and she said yes.

I think this dresser is homemade by someone (and that person was not a carpenter). It's pretty simple and it's actually made of plywood. But other than the $5 (and a little time) it hasn't cost me anything since I reused the knobs and used the paint I had on hand.

It's pretty small so I thought I'd just do some simple numbers since it would work nice for a kids bedroom. I also used sage green paint since a lot people use that for their nurseries. For the numbers, I just used stencils and a little brush and painted with acrylic paint. Last time we visited the inlaws, my mother-in-law gave me a whole tote box full of acrylic paints. SCORE!

I wasn't sure about it because of the construction of it, but it turned out pretty sweet looking, if I do say so myself!

'Cause I like to party:

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  1. I love it Cathy! I so want to try stenciling and handpainting but I have been too chicken to date!


  2. this is my favorite so far- i LOVE it!!! it would look fabulous in my house! :)
    also, just switched to being a public follower- i was using my google reader to subscribe to any blogs and it automatically made it private, so no wi am going through and correcting it all. what a pain! anyhow, if you were closer i would buy this from you. it's perfect!

  3. Very cute! I love the number stencils!

  4. so cute! and i can't wait to see the nightstands!

  5. Very cute and pretty, bravo:))
    Greetings from Biljana

  6. I love it, so cute. Using numbers on the drawers is a really good idea.

  7. So cute! I love that your numbers are down the side of the drawers--why didn't I think of that?!?

  8. I LOVE those numbers, and the way you just put them on the side instead of the middle!