Alphablue Dresser

This is a dresser that I picked up at Goodwill for $5.

By the time I came back with a salesperson to put a sold sticker on it there was someone else looking at it. I kinda felt bad but those are the breaks on 50% day! You gotta be stealthy, like a ninja.

Since I usually do dressers more geared towards little girls I thought it was time to do a dresser for a little boy. So I used the Benjamin Moores, Montpelier that I picked up in the oops section.

I gave the dresser a really good sand (since it had a really thick, super shiny, bad stain job on it) followed by the usual prime & paint. After I painted I was left with a beautiful blank blue/gray canvas. Hmmmm. I really went back and forth on what to paint on the dresser. Numbers, letters, elephants, robots? The possibilities were endless! I was thisclose to doing elephants but, in the end, the alphabet won out. I just thought it would appeal to more people.

I re-used the handles that came on the antique dresser. They're not very pretty but they're masculine and I thought the brushed nickel would look nice with the paint colour.

For the letters I used my super high-tech method of tracing the letters right from my computer screen (because I don't want to waste toner) onto paper and then cutting out the letters and then tracing them onto the dresser. I then painted in the letters with a small brush using acrylic paint.

Hopefully it finds a home in some little guys room.

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  1. Beautiful! Love the blue. Great transformation & inspiration!

  2. That color is stunning! And what a fantastic deal! I keep seeing bloggers snagging these fantastic deals at their thrift stores while mine never have furniture. One day I'll live somewhere civilized, I hope.

  3. Some lucky boy is going to have a great dresser. Bravo!
    I used to use the same method as you for stenciling, but my life is so much easier now that I have a cricut :)

  4. What a great deal you got on that dresser! You have totally transformed it. It looks beautiful. I hope you have a fantastic day!

  5. Super cute Cathy, I love it!

    Some little boy is going to give it a very good home.


  6. I love this little dresser! What a great idea, I never think about adding something like letters or pictures to a dresser, love it! I'm your newest follower! I really love the furniture you have re done, it all looks amazing! Isn't Goodwill a great place? I always find something to take home. Thanks for stopping in at Kensington Cottage!

  7. I LOVE the alphabet idea on it! You did such a great job!

  8. I never realized the computer screen is also a light box!! If I have a really big tracing job, I wait until night, and plug a lamp in and place it on the inside of a sliding glass door, and I step outside to do my tracing. :) I absolutely love this dresser! The Alphabet choice is perfect.

  9. wow - this looks great!
    It's a great finish, I tried to stencil letters on some furniture before and it didn't work so well.
    I love the colours too

  10. I adore how it turned out! You did a great job!
    Thanks for the sweet comment!


  11. I love it. And what? $5 for that dresser! I think I've been overpaying for everything. I need some lessons to be sure. Great project. I'm glad you found a great deal!

  12. Beautiful!! I really love it! I'm getting into this whole number/letter thing lately too! Thanks so much for linking it to Style Feature Saturday!! -shaunna :)

  13. Those letters on the front are so sweet!


  14. This is a great dresser geared for the little boys :) if I steal it(the idea) I mean...please just feel flattered :) Its great!

  15. Cathy, you just know that I love that, especially being a teacher!! Would love to use this idea in my classroom, actually!!! I have a shelving unit, that would be perfect!! You continue to show me how talented you are. :)

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