Aqua Nightstand

With two little babes now I don't find it very easy to pack 'em both up and head to Goodwill and hope for good moods and patience from both of them.  However, I did get over there recently with just the littlest babe and picked up this cute little nightstand.

I really dig the cutesy, vintage shape.  Obviously it's perfect for a girl's room which I really enjoy doing pieces for.  Sorry little dudes out there!

Sand?   Check!
Prime?  Check!
Paint?  Check!

I'm using up a couple cans of paint I have before I buy anything new so you're going to be seeing some repeat colours.

This is the Benjamin Moore, Waterfall that I used to paint J's dresser.  I'm still in love with this colour!

Mod podge is still my favorite way to add something unique to pieces so I used some pages from the Mosaic Memories paper pad from Michaels.  Love this paper pad!

The drawer front received some fun, floral paper along with some coordinating striped paper for the drawer bottom.  I used some extra knobs from another piece and spray painted them with Tremclad's Hammered in brown.

The top, shelf and drawer front received a coat of polycrylic for some extra protection and c'est fini!


  1. it's SO cute!!!! love the color and pattern!
    and for some reason your email when it went to my phone showed up for a split second (your comment email i mean) and then it said "no sender this message has no content", so i am saying here thank you for the kind words on the chalkboard! yes, you need one. :)

  2. This little nightstand is adorable! I love it!

  3. Fun!! Would you share your secret on how you get the paper so straight and even on the drawer front, Kathy

  4. Gorgeous color!! At least, if you've gotta use up paint before you get more, it's such a beautiful color!!!
    Love the drawer liner too!

  5. This is PRECIOUS!~! Love the paper touch, it really made that color pop.
    visiting from POWW.
    Rita :)