Coffee table/Ikea hack

My family room had a coffee table problem.  I had some...just the wrong ones.  They were all wrong for my giant, overstuffed, ugly comfy sofas.

I was looking for something a little bigger and lot more rustic.  I also wanted something with a shelf underneath to hold baskets and help control toys/clutter.   Oh, and cheap, of course!  While searching Kijiji I wasn't finding anything that fit that criteria.  But I did find these cheap glass tables that could work with a little tweaking.

(these are not my actual tables. I forgot to take a before picture with the glass and I found these online)

Before buying them I made sure that the glass could easily be removed for what I had planned.  It was only held on by suction cups (that are removable) so I was good to go.  I hit up Lowes for some 1x6's, wood stain and some extra sandpaper because I was going to need it.

I measured out the lengths and widths that I would need for the boards to be exactly lined up with the edge of the frame.  After cutting everything (using the table saw) I distressed the wood a bit by bashing it with a hammer, poking nails in it, and smashing screws in it.  Then I started sanding.  And sanding, And sanding.  It took a while to sand all 13 boards smooth.  After all that sanding I was sore ready to stain with Minwax's Chestnut in a gel stain.

I attached the boards together using a strip of 1x2 underneath.  I cut the 1x2 to fit exactly into the frame so the top doesn't slide around.  If not being  attached to the frame starts to be a problem then Mr. 50 is going to weld on some little brackets for me.

I love the size and storage they provide.  A big improvement over my tiny, french provincial tables that just didn't suit my family room.

After a little time passed,  I added some black upholstery tacks (found at Lowes) to ends of the coffee table.  I like added detail.

So now I don't have a coffee table problem anymore but I might have an ikea overload problem.  Between the rug, the picture frames and now the tables it's starting to look like an ikea catalog in here :/

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  1. now that was a great idea! i love it!!!!! i love this look but can't build anything with metal, so this is a great solution!

  2. OMG, I checked out the same tables on craigslist several times already! I was thinking about adding marble to the top (wasn't sure if the coffee table could hold it), removing the bottom shelf and painting the metal.
    Love your version!

  3. We loved the idea, we "borrowed" it and I have included it on my own blog. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great information
    Ikea hacks is just amazing
    i always love ikea