One baby and one year later...

Could we just pretend it hasn't been almost a year since my last post? No? Okay, that's fair but, in my defense, I was a little busy. I had another one of those babies everyone is always talking about. This one's pretty cute, too.

But she's getting a little older so it's time to get back to painting stuff.

I like painting stuff.

I miss painting stuff.

Do you want to see the stuff I painted?

These nightstands were listed on Kijiji for a steal. I took it as a sign to get started again. Nice little nightstands but heavy as all get out. I don't know what type of wood they are but they are solid!

I wanted to paint them more adult than the usually kid stuff I do. Plus, I figured that people are more likely to be buying a set of nightstands for an adult's bedroom.

I still have a ton of supplies so I just got to sanding and painting. Since it's been such nice weather I got to use my sprayer, yay! Love that thing.

Here they are!

The nightstands were painted with Benjamin Moore, Moon Rise. Which I had left over from painting our kitchen cabinets. The tops were stained with Minwax Red Oak.

I used some antique brass pulls that I've had forever. I bought six of them to use on another project but they didn't look right.

Now I need something to use the other four on. So check back in, I might have another project soon!

I haven't partied with Cassie in, like, FOREVAH !!!
:::waves hi to Cassie:::


  1. i might have started jumping up and down a little when i saw "the far fifty" in my blog reader!!!!!! i am waving back, running towards you, arms wide open!!!! and that is one cute baby. what is it with all these babies people are talking about these days? we took a vote in our house in december and it was 3 against 1, me being the 1.... and then the urge left in january anyhow. so we won't be "getting" one of those. so i will enjoy the pictures of yours... she is so squishy and cute!!!!!!!!! SO glad you are back! and the nightstands look awesome, too! i love their new hardware!

  2. Welcome back! I miss you dearly, your new little one is adorable. I can't wait to see some more updates on what you have been painting. Take care!

  3. Oh...the baby IS SO CUTE!!!! I wondered where you went to! The nightstands look super, too!

  4. From zero to hero! This is amazing!

  5. Ooooh, I like these! I could use them in our Master. Sigh.

  6. These are great!
    What a fresh and trendy update,

  7. OMG Cathy, I feel horrible. I don't know why, but your updates were not showing up in my reader. My apologies for not being here for your posts.
    I'm happy to see that you finally get to show us your wonderful updates. You have such an eye for colour and matching fabric/paper.

    So, spill the beans on your sprayer. I have one and haven't even taken it out of the box yet. It's been too hot!