This One's a Keeper

Over the past year I've slooowly been
working on J's room makeover.

It started out as a gender neutral
room but, now that I have two girls,
I'm switching it up.

One big step was switching out this
little red mdf dresser I had in there
for a bigger, solid wood dresser.

I found this dresser on Kijiji for $25. It's a little scary, no?

Silly me thought the bad paint job would be easy to remove since it was doing a good job of that all by itself. Sigh, when will I learn? The very first dresser I stripped was so easy and every one since has been a nightmare. And each time I swear "never again".

After I stripped and sanded (and sanded and sanded) the dresser received a new and improved paint job. The colour is Benjamin Moore, Waterfall in semi-gloss. I just love this colour, it's just so light and airy. I gave the top and drawer fronts some extra protection with a few coats of polycrylic.

The pink, painted wooden knobs had to go and I replaced them with some old, vintage looking knobs I found at the ReStore. I had hoped to find 10 of the same knobs but no luck. I did find 6 of one kind and 4 of another that were all flowers so I got those. The bottom two drawers are bigger than the top three so I'm hoping the difference in knobs/size makes sense.

The knobs got a good scrubbing then primed and sprayed with matte white spray paint. Originally I wanted clear crystal knobs but until Hobby Lobby (and their 50% off coupons) come to Canada, that ain't happening. In the end I really dig the white knobs.

It's nice to keep a piece of furniture for once, I can admire my hard work every time I go in the room. A few more little projects and this room will be finished!

~Ain't no party like a Cassie party~


  1. cute! and the color matches the p & p button : )

  2. The first 10-15 minutes of sanding you think, 'this isn't so bad...actually it's kinda soothing. I can do this for ages!'
    Then by the end of minute 16 you think, 'Soothing?! What on earth was I thinking?!! There's no way I'm gonna finish this and I don't care if I don't!'
    And on goes the internal war that must be waged to pass the time until - OMG it's done!! Hallelujah!!

    Obviously, I can completely empathise!! But you know what? That piece totally rocks and its gonna be in your fam for a long time, I bet!

    Admiring your work over here in Oz!!


    PS. possibly longest comment I've EVER written!

  3. i hate stripping! furniture, that is. of course. the dresser was totally worth it though- look how beautiful! you know i love that color. and you know i love that you are very selective and come to my party... i feel special. :)

  4. The dresser turned out beautiful! Love that color and the mismatched knobs add character and charm.

  5. I love the white knobs! Two different knobs gives it character too. Looks awesome!

  6. Love that dresser! All your hard work paid off! Great job!

  7. That is a pretty fabulous color. Hmmm....LOL! This is a great makeover too. All that stripping and sanding. I'm low on patience! You did good.